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May 20, 2023

Today, more and increasing people are offering online courses to share know-how. Creating and selling online classes provide the chance to build a base of customers who will be re-engaged and make an income of a substantial amount.

The concept and the reasoning of creating an online course are simple, the process often isn't. It's more than just uploading a video and demands you to create the course's curriculum, create assignments (to draw students in) as well as design the page for the course, and much more.

A top software solution for making online courses to streamline the procedure. These platforms provide the necessary tools needed to create, launch teaching, run, and maintain your online course. This allows you to concentrate on the content.

 What exactly is an online learning platform?

A course online platform, sometimes referred to as an online course website builder, is a software application that allows you to develop a website for selling your online courses online. Also called LMS (Learning Management System), online course platforms can help anyone seeking to simplify their teaching process--from individuals and larger companies.

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They are complete applications, meaning they serve the creator and the learner. Creators manage the learning product's inventory as well as sales, marketing and customer support, while students can search for, buy and engage with the classes.

 What are the benefits of using an online course platform?

Benefits of Using an Online Learning Platform

  1. User-friendly. Online course builders make it simple for any creator to create websites and begin selling courses online--you don't need to be a skilled programmer to understand them. They allow content owners to develop a professional looking e-learning site quickly, and a lot of platforms come with built-in elearing tools to help you manage and update your online course.
  2. Shopping cart and checkout. Most online course platforms have checkout and shopping cart systems that offer a simple way for customers to purchase products from your site. These systems also help protect your customer's data as well as credit card information by encrypting and storing it securely.
  3. SEO. Online course platforms typically come with built-in search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities to assist the website of your institution appear on search engine results pages. SEO will help you attract more customers and increase visits to your site.
  4. Support for customers. Many online course platforms provide customer service, which can be helpful if you have any questions or need assistance with setting up your space for teaching.

There are a number of disadvantages of using an online course platform, such as:

  1. The Platform's Limitations as well as Control. When using an online learning platform, you may encounter certain limitations in terms of the ability to customize and manage. The platform's design templates and functions may hinder your ability to create an experience that is unique to your users or incorporate specific features you desire. Furthermore, you are bound by the policies of the provider and terms of service, which may affect how you are able to monetize your course or communicate with students.
  2. revenue sharing and fees. Many online course platforms work on a revenue-sharing model whereby a portion of the course's sales are retained by the platform provider. It is important to analyze the fees structure for your chosen platform and understand how it aligns with your financial goals.
  3. limited branding and marketing Opportunities. When using an online-based course platform it is possible that you will face restrictions in terms of the branding process and advertising. Although some platforms permit you to customize certain elements but your courses will be offered within the platform's overall brand and interface for users.
  4. Reduced Personalized Interaction. Unlike in a conventional classroom the online platforms for courses can reduce the personal interactions you are able to have with your learners. When selecting an online course platform, look for communication tools such as chat rooms or message systems that offer individualized care for each student. Personalized feedback and direct one-on-one interactions may need additional functions within a system.

 Are you trying to determine what platform would be the most suitable for your class?

It's a moment of excitement for a creative making the choice to teach online. A sweet experience of beginning anew chapter as well as a major step in personal growth. It's moment to select an online platform where you can teach your class to everyone around the globe.

There's a myriad of ways to teach online. Each platform offers something different and choosing the one that best suits your needs can be overwhelming. We'll break down how online teaching platforms work to help you choose which one is most suitable for you.

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 The best software to create online classes

There are numerous popular online course platforms which allow both individuals and companies to create and sell their own course. Some examples include:

Considerific, a platform that enables creators to design, market, and sell their personal online courses. It offers a variety of options, including courses hosting, quizzes, video hosting, and email integration.

Teachable, a platform that allows creators to build and market their own online course, including features like custom landing pages, course creation tools, and student management.

Podia, an all-in-one platform that allows creators to sell digital items such as webinars, online classes, as well as subscriptions.

Kajabi, a platform that lets creators to build and sell their own online course and membership sites.

Gumroad,an e-commerce platform that allows creators, for example, musicians, authors, and artists, to market their products directly to customers. It lets users effortlessly sell digital goods like e-books, videos, music and art, as well as physical products such as mugs, tshirts, as well as other items.

Mighty Networks,a platform that makes it easy for creators to create and market their own online course and membership websites.

 Platform setup and accessing the student community

Beginning to teach online may be an overwhelming task, beginning with choosing a subject you're sure your students will enjoy, to finding out the best way to record and market your course from payments to providing sales information to tax authorities, to running the platform community later on.

It is essential to ensure that you're using an online teaching platform that has the appropriate equipment. We'll begin with setting up of the platform as well as access to your student community.

  • Skillshare aids in the course creation process and allows you to set up your channels and comment. Comments are split by class without a central overview, so if you teach more than one class, it's a challenge to maintain. It's not helping you create a strong group of students around your teaching.
  • CreativeMindClass CreativeMindClass We make sure that setting up a teaching space is simple for new instructors and experienced creators alike. We help you through the process of creating content with Our Creative Teacher Program and we offer solutions to help you build a community of like-minded people in one central place on our feed.

 Students experience the added value to your students

A creative educator Once your website is up and running It is important to look at the platform's aesthetic aspects. In other words, it has to be beautiful!

Find out which platform for teaching offers you opportunities to deliver the most enjoyable student experience, and the highest level of engagement while reducing amount of work for you.

In all learning instruments of all, being able to maintain the student's attention and create a personal experience is key however, not all platforms provide this option. Most platforms are focused on business and distract the students with ads. CreativeMindClass is all about learning (and fun) therefore we provide an advertising-free platform.

CreativeMindClass make students able for them to share their homework exercises and receive comments from their teacher in addition to receiving notification each time you start the class. The process of joining CreativeMindClass is also about creating an environment for learning where every pupil can provide feedback that helps everybody to grow. This creates an optimal learning atmosphere and does not overwhelm you in terms of workload.

 Your business will grow independently

The key to choosing an appropriate platform is opting for a platform that can help in the growth of your company's creativity. Each platform is different in terms of cost transparency as well as payment structures.

  • While Skillshare advertises your classes, a significant commercialization of your classes through the platform is rather distinct. Since it's an online membership-based platform, you get paid fees based upon the amount of minutes watched plus bonuses for the number of students who are new to enroll. One of the advantages is that you have access to a lot of students through the platform.
  • WordPress-powered platforms permit you to teach independently, it's where the work of the platform ends. They do not take care of tax obligations, so at close of the quarter, you may receive an invoice from your accountant stating the service that you purchased rendered it difficult to report your income to the tax authorities.
  • In CreativeMindClass your income is entirely on you, you promote the class, decide on its cost, and then on the date, you want to launch your next class. We ensure that the guidelines for how much you earn are clear and that you get your payments daily. Our pay-as-you-earn pricing allows you to get started for nothing and pay no subscription costs or set-up costs. No barrier exists for your company to expand into a worldwide empire. We take care of the payment process and invoice your students. It's easy for you to pay your taxes. And as we invoicing your students, there's nothing stopping you from being able to market your class internationally.

 What is it to instruct on the platform daily?

Teaching is also about having a good time building a community of students and surrounded by similar students. It is nothing better than geeking out about your favorite topics with people who get the same passion as you do. CreativeMindClass provides a community option which lets you communicate your thoughts to students, and experience that wonderful sense of belonging and connection.

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 Set, ready, teach

Whether you're enthusiastic about teaching, looking to increase your reach or just want to make money through your courses, there's an opportunity to get there.

In selecting a software for your new course, take into consideration your budget, time constraints and the current popularity of your course and earning potential. If you're only testing the waters, start with a platform for courses such as Skillshare. Once you've validated your course topic and content, only begin to create your own teaching platform like CreativeMindClass. Don't worry about migrating contents from one platform another. We're here to help you with this at no cost.

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