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May 20, 2023
Learn how to migrate from MySQL to MariaDB

Additionally, it is possible to send the file to an outside party for the benefit of

If you're considering changing to MySQL with the hope of moving to MariaDB can be a viable alternative to changing. Because it was one of the first Database Management Systems (DBMS) platforms, MySQL has dominated the market for quite a long time and remains a highly sought-after.

Certain companies are beginning to reconsider their ideas about MariaDB due to the processing slowness of MariaDB. MariaDB can't handle massive quantities of data. Many companies are moving to MariaDB.

This instructional guide will take you through each step in the process of migrating databases that are currently in MySQL to MariaDB.

What's the best way transfer data from MariaDB in addition to MySQL? MySQL databases? MySQL within MariaDB?

Switching from MySQL in favor of MariaDB is straightforward. There are two steps to follow. Keep these suggestions in your head:

  1. Log into your account by using your password in order to gain access to the MariaDB server. Transfer backup data. It will then create the database.

MariaDB is a form of database that can be utilized together with MySQL as well as MySQL to build a system that allows it to move data.

If you've made the switch between MySQL to MySQL you are able to change to MySQL through MariaDB. In the following steps, ensure that your tables have were updated. It is possible that your site needs to be altered to make use of the data from MariaDB in place of MySQL.


If you're contemplating transferring files to MariaDB you'll need to upload the files into the MariaDB database MySQL to be uploaded at a later time, in addition for the transfer later to MariaDB that is also known in the same way as MariaDB is. In addition you'll be able to access the default MySQL database, which holds a number of files you'd like to move.

phpMyAdmin administration tool

If you do not use phpMyAdmin, do not fret. This article will guide you to follow the actions you'll need to perform in your terminal in order to accomplish similar tasks with MySQL and MariaDB.

Out With MySQL

Keep the databases that you'd like to be restored by making use of MySQL. Join your MySQL server and link directly to your MySQL database using your phpMyAdmin software. From WAMP or XAMPP, you can access phpMyAdmin by navigating to http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/.

phpMyAdmin log-in page for MySQL server
phpMyAdmin log-in page
WordPress database on phpMyAdmin using MySQL
WordPress Database is managed by phpMyAdmin

Select your export tab in the table. You can export your data using SQL format. The information is transferred to MariaDB every time a date close to that date is found. VkcmRoPDxwnVWnLCqeYC converts WordPress data in the database to SQL format.

There's a way to employ a different techniqueto create backups of the local database on your personal computer by making use of the SQL file. If you don't have phpMyAdmin installed, or prefer command line tools, use the steps below to backup your database with similar formatting using your SQL file. Be sure to modify your username for the user and your password by using your username which was given to the user of the database, along with your password.

 $ mysqldump --user=your-name --password="your-pass" wordpress > wordpress.sql

Then, remove MySQL.

MariaDB In MariaDB

Make sure to check with MariaDB to confirm that MariaDB confirms that MariaDB exists located locally. It is not necessary to do it manually in the case of Windows Media Player, XAMPP or similar versions. The software is automatically installed by MariaDB.

The next step involves the transfer of the backup MySQL file to MariaDB. Shut down the MySQL server using the admin panel. It's located in the database servers of MySQL. You must turn off your MySQL server before connecting to MariaDB. MariaDB server (just switch to switch from MySQL to MariaDB during the time that you log in using phpMyAdmin).

phpMyAdmin log-in page for MariaDB server
phpMyAdmin login page for MariaDB server

The admin panel allows users to create databases in the admin panel. You can complete the process using PHPMyAdmin. There is the possibility of establishing following which you enter the database's address and click the button for creating. After pressing the button, you will be able to begin the process of creating..

WordPress database on phpMyAdmin using MariaDB
WordPress database management is done by using phpMyAdmin with the help of MariaDB. MariaDB

There are procedures for creating the backup. Choose to proceed for an export option. The option will disappear open, and you'll be able download your backup. Choose the Option for File, and then choose the Download Backup Files option. You can also choose to pick from options similar to those in the File. option.

Importing WordPress database
Importing WordPress database

Choose "Go" to begin the process. It can take several minutes before it becomes fully functional, phpMyAdmin will let you know that the request has been successfully completed.

Query success message
Success message

If you'd rather use commands, you must follow these rules.

Log in to your MariaDB server. You can then make your database using these steps:

$ mysql --user=your-name --password="your-pass" -e "CREATE DATABASE wordpress";

Backup backups must be uploaded to MariaDB.

$ mysql --user=your-name --password="your-pass" --database=wordpress 

After you've successfully transferred your entire data into MySQL within MariaDB the cursor must function and be operating.

What do you need in order to change the look of your WordPress website?

If you've switched to MySQL or MySQL before switching to MariaDB This is the perfect time to modify your WordPress website to take advantage of the advantages MariaDB provides as the database. In order to do that, you need to update the wp-config.php file with specific information regarding MariaDB which is the new database.

// ** MariaDB settings** // define('DB_NAME', 'database_name_here'); define('DB_USER', 'database_username_here'); define('DB_PASSWORD', 'database_password_here'); define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8'); /** The Database Collate type. Don't modify the format of this file, in the absence of being able identify an exact. */ define('DB_COLLATE', '');

When you've saved the document and put it away, WordPress is likely to WordPress website to begin pulling information from the database of documents you've built.

Updated WordPress site
The WordPress website has been redesigned to reflect the most recent version. WordPress website. WordPress website

MariaDB and

It's simple to start by using MariaDB. It isn't necessary to be concerned about altering the software that makes your database. It is also possible to clean your database before examining the database to find any mistakes that might be. Our professionals are prepared to deal with the most insignificant of challenges and help put your site in the position to produce top-quality online content that will be appreciated by everyone who wants to spend your time.


The transfer of data between MySQL and MariaDB is easy. Backup your database. Also, it is necessary to remove MySQL before installing MariaDB before you import duplicates of the database.

There's a myriad of solutions available to those who experience issues in the exchange of data between MySQL and MariaDB. The issue may be due to the possibility that the schema utilized to store data in MySQL MySQL does not match MariaDB's schema. MariaDB. It is recommended to utilize mysql_upgrade for switching between different versions. One of the most efficient ways to deal with issues related to transfer is to make sure that your database is upgraded to the most recent version prior to attempting to change to an older version.

Because MariaDB continually seeks to enhance capabilities for its customers who use the database as well as its clients, it will allow users to use MySQL in a lesser dimension. If you're currently running MySQL and considering switching to MariaDB because of the advantages it could provide and the added benefits, you'll be better off to experience the advantages in the coming years.

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