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May 20, 2023

In the present, many learners are starting online courses to impart their knowledge. The production and sales of online courses allow you to create a network of customers who are re-engaged and make substantial earnings.

While the concept and reasoning for creating an online course may seem simple, the process often doesn't. More than just uploading videos. It requires that you create the curriculum for your course, design assignments (to engage students), design the page of the course, and much more.

The best software to create online courses to streamline the whole process. They provide all necessary tools to create, launch teaching, run and manage your online course. This allows you to concentrate on the content.

 What exactly is an online platform for learning?

An online course platform, often referred to an online-based course creator is an software program which lets you create an online platform to sell your course online. Also called LMS (Learning Management System) Online course platforms can be beneficial to people who want to simplify the learning process, regardless of whether it's from individuals or larger corporations.

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Online course platforms are complete software, which implies that they can help both creators and learners. Creators can manage their inventory of learning materials as well as sales, customer support and marketing while students are able to browse, purchase and enroll in classes.

Why should you use an online platform for learning?

Benefits of an online course Platforms:

  1. It is simple to use. Online course builders allow for anybody to develop websites, and then begin selling classes on the internet. There is no need for an expert programmer to figure them out. Content creators can design a professional looking e-learning site easily, and many platforms have built-in electronic tools that allow you to modify the course's content as well as make changes.
  2. Carts and checkouts. Most online course platforms have shopping carts and checkout system that provides an easy way for customers to purchase things from your site. These systems also safeguard the data of your clients and credit card information by encryption and safely storing it.
  3. SEO. Most online courses platforms have built-in SEO (SEO) instruments to help the website of your institution appear on the page results of search engines. SEO helps to attract new customers as well as increase the number of visits to your site.
  4. Customer Support. Many online course platforms offer customer support which can be extremely helpful if you have any issues or require assistance with creating your classroom.

There are also some downsides when using an online learning platform. These include:

  1. platform limitations and control. When using an online platform for your courses there are some limitations in terms of creating and managing. The templates for design offered in the platform as and functions can limit the ability of you to design an experience that is exclusive to your customers or add options you would like to add. Additionally, you're subject to the rules of the provider and conditions of service, which could affect how you can monetize your courses or interact with students.
  2. Cost Sharing, Revenue Sharing. Many online course platforms operate on a revenue sharing arrangement where a proportion of your course sales is reserved by the platform's owner. It is essential to look at the fees structure for your chosen platform and know how it aligns to your financial goals.
  3. limitations on branding and Marketing possibilities. When using an online platform for your courses it is possible that you will face restrictions in terms of the branding process and advertising. While some platforms allow users to alter certain elements, the courses you offer will be displayed as part of the overall branding and user interface.
  4. Reducing Personalized interaction. Unlike in a conventional classroom, online courses can limit the amount of individual interaction you have with your learners. If you are choosing an online course platform, search for ways that allow communication, including chat rooms or message platforms that provide individualized attention to every pupil. Personalized feedback and one-onone interactions could need different options on a platform.

Do you need to figure out which is the best choice for your class?

There is a moment of joy for a creative person making the choice to teach online. An exciting experience to begin with a new start and an important move towards personal growth. The time is now to choose a platform where you can share your knowledge for the entire world to learn from.

There's an abundance of possibilities to teach online. Each platform offers distinct features, and picking the most suitable one for your class isn't easy. Let us explain the way the online learning platforms function, so you can pick which one is most suitable for you.

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 Best software for creating online classes

There are many well-known online platforms that permit both organizations and people to create and market their own course. Some examples include:

The Thinkific, a platform that enables creators to create markets, sell their products, and develop their own online course. It has a wide range of tools like courses hosting, quizzes, video hosting as well with integration with email.

Teachable, a platform that allows creators to create and sell their own online courses, with features such as custom landing pages, course design tools, as well as the administration of students.

Podia, an all-in-one platform that allows creators to provide digital products such as online classes, webinars, and memberships.

Kajabi A platform that allows developers to create and market their own online courses and websites to members.

Gumroad,an e-commerce platform that allows creators, for example, authors, musicians, and artists, to market their merchandise directly to the consumer. It is possible to sell online things like e-books, music videos, artwork in addition to physical goods including mugs, T-shirts as well as other items.

Mighty Networks,a platform that makes it simple for creators to design and sell their own online courses, as well as membership sites.

Platform set-up and accessing the student community

Teaching online isn't easy beginning with choosing a topic that your students would love, and figuring out how to market and film your course as well as providing sales reports to tax authorities, and finally running the platform community later on.

It's essential to be sure that you're utilizing an online platform that allows you to instruct that has the best instruments. Begin by setting up the platform, and also access to the community of students.

  • Skillshare helps in the design of courses. You can also set up your channels and comment. The comments are divided into classes, not being centrally viewed, so if you have multiple classes it can be difficult to keep track of. This doesn't aid in building an energizing class of students to support your instruction.
  • We at CreativeMindClass We make sure that the process of setting up a classroom area is simple for both first-time teachers and experienced video creators too. We help you with the creation of content using the help of the Creative Teacher Program and we provide solutions that help build communities of fellow users at one spot through this feed.

 Experience for students the added value to you and your pupils

For a creative educator when your online portal is ready to go you must look at the platform's aesthetic aspects. In the sense that it must look stunning!

Discover which platform for learning allows you to build the perfect environment to student learning in addition to the highest level of engagement with the lowest workload for you.

Out of all the tools to help students learn with the ability to keep students' interest and provide an individual experience is essential for every platform, but not all offer this feature. The majority of platforms focus on business and distract the students with advertisements. CreativeMindClass is all about learning (and having amusement) so we offer an non-advertised platform.

CreativeMindClass makes it easy for students to upload the details of their assignment assignments for homework and receive the feedback from their teachers and also receive notifications every time you add an additional class. Joining CreativeMindClass also means creating an environment for learning where every pupil is able to provide feedback which helps all students develop. It creates a positive learning atmosphere that does not over-burden students with their work.

Your business will grow independent of itself

One of the primary elements to select the correct platform is to opt for an option that aids in the growth of the company's creative capabilities. All platforms differ in their pricing transparency as well as payment system.

  • Although Skillshare is an application that advertises your classes, a significant commercialization of the classes you teach through the platform is distinct. As this is a web-based subscription platform which is an membership-based platform, you are paid royalties in proportion to hours you've watched, and also bonuses based depending on the amount of new students you enroll. One of the advantages is that it provides access to many students via the web site.
  • Platforms powered by WordPress allow you to teach yourself, and that's when the work of the platform is finished. They don't manage taxes, therefore at the end of the first quarter, you may get an email from your accountant stating that the product you bought made it more difficult to report your earnings to the tax authorities.
  • Within CreativeMindClass the amount you earn is completely on your efforts, you promote the program and decide on the cost and when that you would like to start your next program. We will ensure that the requirements for how much you make are clearly defined and you get your pay every day. Pay-as you-earning rates let you begin with no cost and pay no cost to set up or for subscriptions. It is not a barrier to the expansion of your company to become a global business empire. We take care of invoicing and paying your employees. It is easy to pay taxes. And since we are invoicing the students in your class, there's nothing that can stop you from having the ability to promote your course internationally.

How enjoyable is it to teach on a regular basis using the platform?

It can also be about enjoying yourself making friends with your students, and surrounded with like-minded students. There is nothing like geeking out about your favorite topics and chatting with others who share similar passions like you are. CreativeMindClass offers an amazing feature called a community that lets you communicate your ideas to students and get that sensation of being connected and feeling part of the community.

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 Ready, set instructions

If you're interested in teaching or want to increase your audiences or simply want to make money through the classes you teach, we've got an opportunity to assist you get there.

If you're choosing the right software for your first course, take into consideration the price along with your timeline along with your existing audience and earning potential. If you're only testing the waters, start by launching a course on a marketplace such as Skillshare. After you've verified your course's subject and the material, begin to launch your own platform to teach like CreativeMindClass. Don't worry about the transfer of content from one platform another. This is a free service.

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