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May 26, 2023

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Sell add-on items when you checkout immediately as well as boost profits by using our brand new order Bumps option.

All creators are welcome! If you're in search of a way to catapult your earnings, prepare to fall in with this brand new feature.

Most likely, you've heard of the "You would like fries with that?" strategy. It was an iconic McDonald's marketing move dating back to the mid-20th century.

The method was extremely powerful and extremely simple:

  1. The customer gives the request
  2. The employee asks "You want fries with that?"
  3. The client (invariably) responds "yes" then...

CHA-ching! More sales in the blink of an eye.

Check out Cross-sells in your sleep with orders bumps to

With Order Bumps You can offer other, complementary items as well as servicesin the hands of your customers, during checkout.

Imagine things that are similar to...

  • Memberships
  • Classes
  • Ebooks
  • Sessions (like coaching sessions or consults)
  • Product bundles

...and anything else you could think of.

Similar to the geniuses of marketing over at McDonald's the creators of their own brands can profit from the proven fact that a buyer is more likely to include small items to their order when they check out.

If you're managing your business with WordPress and , the cross-selling power now available to you is limitless.

More than a bigger bottom line

The potential for increased revenue is awe-inspiring, without doubt. However, there's more to Order Bumps than a bigger net.

The ability to purchase other products or services in addition to the ones purchased at checkout also enhances the user experience (UX) as well as customer satisfaction.

It makes shopping easier, providing your customers a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience, where adding worth is inevitable.

The Order Bumps make a winning combination to everyone!

How Order Bumps Work

The process couldn't be simpler!

  1.   Incorporate your extra products or services into your mix, naming it "memberships", and set your prices.
  2.   Launch the product or membership that you'd like to add more products to. Click on the order bumps tab.  
  3.   Check the box in front of the items or services you wish to offer alongside your primary product.

It's also possible to write an compelling headline tailored to attract attention with your add-ons. Click update when you're done, and you're all set.

If your customer is at the point of the checkout page, they'll have the chance to add these items and services to their shopping cart with one-click convenience.

Order Bumps make it a breeze to...

Personalize the experience for your customers
Enhance every transaction with product-bundle benefits
Increase your earnings

They basically put suggestive selling on autopilot. This means that you are able to sit in your chair and watch your revenue rise to the sky.

Order Bumps are in action

Therefore, as you may imagine, entrepreneurs use to make money from their ideas in nearly every way and industry.

There's no way we could cover them all! We've picked out a handful of Use cases for Order Bumps that you can generalize to whatever business you're in.

Have a look!

Use Case #1: Fitness Trainer

Through the Order Bumps feature you can provide additional, extremely complementary products during checkout. You might consider things like diet guidesor the possibility of accessing a set of online workout workouts.

Since your client is investing in their health and fitness The suggestion of an accompanying guideline or online sessionis most likely to entice your client.

The customer is provided with an enriching wellness experience that is well-rounded and voila! Your revenue increases.

Use Case #2: Online Course Creator

Above is a photo of the Tom Fontana's creator's web-based music academy,

Tom could offer his students Tom might offer an orders in the form of private live instruction or online sheet music downloads.

listen to the guitar lesson and hear the customer's story

But, like we said, the Order Bumps feature works across all industries - and even any online course.

For example, imagine you're a coding-language course creator Your primary item is a comprehensive course on Python.

This cross-selling approach is a double-duty strategy. Customers are provided with an invaluable resource to enhance their knowledge. Additionally, it creates a brand new revenue stream to your business.

Use Case 3: Ecommerce Store

As a way to pay for the service These plans provide customers with things such as...

  •   Sneak peeks and early access  
  •   Top-secret discounts and promotions  
  •   Priority support  
  •   The ability to access premium Content  
  •   Access to VIP community, and more.  

And, of course there's the standard cross-sell alternatives too.


The market analysis confirms this. The time test has proven it. And anyone who's done the drive-thru knows it to be true. We all say "yes"to fries..

And get ready to watch as your simple sales are transformed into shopping sprees, even while you sleep.

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Make sure you are maximizing your cash-outs and even cross-sell during your sleep!