Summer 2020 Update

May 18, 2024

An overview of the latest enhancements and features

It's been an active summer for us here at our virtual HQ! In the last few months, we've hired hundreds of designers, engineers as well as customer service reps to help you more efficiently and expand the capabilities and experiences necessary to make you successful.

In the meantime, here are some of the ways we've been trying to make your experience even better.

Live-streamed Lessons using Zoom

This has been one of the most frequently requested features and something that we're very eager to announce!

This also means that the entirety of your reports will be integrated into one location, providing you a holistic view of your students' progress and completion rates.

Engage with students using Intercom Intercom is live chat software that allows you to interact directly with site visitors as well as students enrolled in your program.

You can now view student details and manage enrollments directly with the new Intercom integration
You can now view student details and track enrollments in real-time with the new Intercom integration

Improved User Experience

We understand that features are only as useful as your ability to use them! We're constantly striving to make your experience smooth and our products easier to use. In this regard, we've implemented some important improvements:

1. A better Site Builder

Alongside the classes in themselves, Site Builder is where you create personalised pages to sell your classes and/or offer members-only content.

  • You can now start editing your website directly from the live preview. Just select the area you'd like to edit and jump right in.
Screen Recording 2020-06-22 at AM
It is now possible to edit your site from live previews
  • Choosing a destination for the buttons on your landing page is now much clearer and easier.
  • Now you can reorder customized fields for your sign up request form.
      Custom fields permit you to collect important information about your customers as they sign-up. In the past, when you created the fields on your form, you couldn't move them around without losing any data. You can now move and drop fields whenever you'd like!

2. A clearer picture of the things your students are seeing

We have improved preview functionality to make it easier for your to see your courses from the perspective of your students. There are three ways of how to view the course from a student's perspective:

See your classes like your students with the improved preview feature
  • Preview current lesson this will show the lesson that you currently have chosen in the Course Builder. If the lesson is in draft and you are unable to see it, you will have the ability to look it up to check it out.
  • View all lessons in the course: This will show you all of your lessons beginning with the very first lesson in the class. If any of the lessons are draft and not yet completed, you'll be able to see the drafts for test purposes.
  • Course preview as an enrolled student It will show you all of your lessons starting from the first lesson of the course. Similar to how a student experiences your course should any lessons be in draft that you cannot be able to see these!

3. New Quiz & Survey Reporting by Student

A lot of creators opt to make use of our powerful assessment features that include questions, Assignments and Surveys. It was difficult to track down the entire list of assessments available for one student.

You can now lookup quiz and survey results by user

There's a "Quiz & Survey" tab within each student's profile. Here you can check out the performance of each student across all the courses they're in. You can now:

  • See all Quizzes and Surveys the student has taken part in.
  • Check the scores of each test.
  • Download CSV of all individual answers. CSV of every individual answer

4. Improvements in Coupon Management

Coupons are a powerful and versatile tool that allow users to give discounts, or even create B2B sales by charging a single group rate and then issuing coupons at 100% off to redeem.

We've made some small adjustments to make managing your coupons a lot easier:

  • You can use an search bar to find coupons that are specific to your needs.
  • It is now possible to view the total quantity and remaining coupons in one convenient table