The TCommerce-Powered TongueTied Academy will help raise funds for charities

Jul 4, 2024

situated in Birmingham, Alabama, pediatric dentist Richard Baxter, DMD, MS can help dentists in the treatment and detection of teeth and tongue tie.

It was started after twins were born in the year 2014. This led to the establishment of the Tongue-Tied Academy. A platform that is aimed at solving a problem that is usually neglected and never acknowledged.

The course was launched in 2020, it has witnessed more than 1,500 learners enroll and the school has donated all the profits to charities including international as well as local..

The writer describes what the lesson was created by his company online and the ways in which TCommerce helped in increasing the business's performance.

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He found his niche

When his daughters were in the infant stage and the doctor noticed that they were bound on their tongues. This could be affecting their ability to nurse. A dentist could perform dental lasers on their tongues. They could take an easier nap. "The dentist told me to keep an eye out for tongue tie-ups for infants since they are higher than what we're used to. Around one out of four kids are affected by one" Baxter tells .

In the following days, people began to ask what he thought about the tongue and lips. For more details, and even more it was a matter of looking through different books and online courses about this subject but discovered that there were no choices that were available. Then it became possible to put on the tongue tie by using lasers. After treating patients, he was able to respond to the mom's questions and it was decided to publish blog articles on the topic. In the following years, several patients sought his guidance, until Baxter made the decision to develop and release a book, Tongue Tied, in 2018. "People were reading the book and seemed interested to learn more about the subject," Baxter says. Baxter.

He was of the opinion that the next task he was working on was to create an online school on . The dental clinic that was closed due to the outbreak in the clinic, the dentist had written his plan which included nearly 200 pages. The dentist then hired an film crew to document the most well-known program that ran for 25 hours during the hours when his dental clinic was closed.

He joined the club.

One of the major elements that have contributed to the success for Tongue-Tied Academie is the partnership it is able to offer an integrated platform that allows for delivery of classes.

"What's amazing is the capability to organize the course into units or lessons." Baxter says.

The teacher could teach his information in smaller chunks, as well as incorporate tests into the end of every lesson. Furthermore, he can add chapters from the book to the program. "I find it beneficial for me to include different types of information into the lessons and not just videos" the writer explains.

He is a regular user of the feature which lets him create automatic recognition of his students. "I cannot do much in a single day, other than answering questions in discussions because everything is automated," he says.

The procedure of making your online transaction was streamlined by TCommerce

The decision to use TCommerce rather than Stripe has proven to be an important aid to improve the quality of students shopping at Tongue-Tied Academy. Baxter believes that the usage of TCommerce has led to him losing sales. Since he stepped away from Stripe integration in order to simplify the checkout process, the process is now much easier, according to Baxter.

Support for all types of payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, Baxter says that TCommerce allows transactions to be seamless and gives access and comfort to customers across the world.

"You are able to click an icon after which you can use your ID face to buy a course" Baxter says. Baxter. "It's far simpler than to input all of the information into a ."

Moreover, 's automated computation of sales tax alleviates administrative burdens and guarantees conformity with the regulations of state regulators. Baxter states that the cash earned from classes is transferred more quickly than the previous business of payments.

"I have no idea about it since it's simple," he says. " Payments will take care of all the details. The cash then appears in the bank account of the institution. ."

The plan is to launch an upgraded version of his well-known course this season, Baxter plans on using the possibility of an order bump. This allows students to purchase additional courses for a the discounted price without impacting the purchase course purchase.

The man had a positive impact through the charitable organization

After the funds have been transferred to his bank account, the banker will donate all profit to charity.

As well as aiding clean water initiatives in Africa and Asia in addition to assisting rehabilitation and preventing human trafficking, the dedication of Baxter to the well-being of his community is a good example of the academy's main objective of providing social aid. "I have no need of more items," he says. "We are in our own home and we own cars and our lives are good ."

"If I can aid babies that aren't able to take a feed before, or struggles to eating or having a tough time feeding, that makes an effort worth it," he continues.

He introduced various versions of the class.

Due to the variety of requirements within his audience, Baxter launched a condensed version of his course designed for professionals like speech therapists, lactation counselors, and speech therapy. The LITE Version course, priced at $495, gives an efficient, but simple test that meets the requirements of a greater variety of students.

Each course has a constantly changing format, meaning that students are able to join at any point they'd like to. "Teaching courses via web-based platforms is as straightforward as it can be," He says.

Furthermore, the courses comprise American Dental Association-approved continuing education credits. "We use an accredited CE provider. Then they can apply it in the renewal process of their licenses." Baxter explains.

Most well-known of courses, but it's costing $2600. Contents when combined with CE certification, helps students see the ROI.

He designed a simple user journey

Even with his achievements, Baxter says that he isn't working on a marketing strategy.

A typical customer experience begins after a user reads the book. If they decide to learn more about the subject it will direct those who read it to the Tongue-Tied School.

If the speaker is speaking at an event or conference in general, people attending are more likely to sign up. After people have been added to his list of subscribers They're received an email by MailChimp which directs people to his blog's content.

He was the person who defined success.

Baxter believes that the key to success is the ability to improve your abilities. "It's not me that performs the task," Baxter states.

"We have a group of 1500 patients who've completed the course. If they all see at least one patient every day, that's more than I'll be able to manage on my own. ."

What makes a successful program is the ability to train healthcare professionals as well as parents, and make certain that patients are treated using the funds to help charities all over the world.

In the process of creating an online course it is recommended that the creators discover their interests. "It may be something different," the author declares. "And whatever it is, you can design the path you'd like to follow with the information. ."

"Just be yourself," Baxter encourages. "I'm not an online course guy. I'm a dentist. The course just went into the market for sale, and we also had the privilege of being among the top ten courses ."

Before founding Tongue-Tied Academy, he created two courses on his own. Each course cost $99. Around 10 students took part. "I have gained so much through this event" an instructor claims. I was able to get high-quality videos as well as develop an introduction to Tongue-Tied Academy ."

"You might fail several instances," he adds, "but it's a normal aspect of learning. You can't prevent from being a fool if you aren't able to learn from your mistakes. ."

The HTML0 Tongue-Tied School continues grow, due to a unending commitment to education and the community. The history of the school's being a source of empowerment and giving back can serve as a source of inspiration for the future teachers and innovators alike.

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